5 Of the Smallest Houses in the World

5 Of the Smallest Houses in the World

Living in a small house certainly does have its benefits – your gas and electricity bills are much cheaper, you don’t need to buy as much furniture, it’s much easier to keep clean, you can reduce your carbon footprint and any excess stuff you have can be kept in self storage until you need it again. These people may have taken it to the extreme however. Here are 5 of the smallest houses in the world.

Tumbleweed Houses

Since 1997, Jay Shafer of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has been living in houses that range from just 50 to 750 square feet. Despite the tiny size however, they still manage to fit everything he could possibly need inside – a workspace, bedroom, bathroom with toilet and shower and even a living space.

Micro Compact Home

They say that small things come in small packages and in this case it might just be true. Measuring just 2.6m cubed, Micro Compact Homes somehow manage to include room for two double beds, a bathroom, lobby, dining space, kitchen and top of the range technology. We bet they have a fair few items in self storage though because we can’t imagine there is room for much else after that.

Rollit Homes

Students at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany used their creative skills to design a set of homes that have been built to incorporate multiple uses inside one small living space. Although it may sound bizarre, the home functions like a mouse on a wheel. The homeowner can change the structure of the house by walking in the centre to rotate it. This clever idea means that with a little bit of effort, the house can be turned to reveal a bed, lounge chair, table, shower, toilet or a kitchen – all in one tiny space.

Quay House

As the smallest house in Great Britain, Quay House is in fact a tourist attraction in Wales that measures a measly 10 feet by 6 feet. Unbelievably, the last person to occupy the house was 6 foot 3 inches tall yet there was still enough space for a bed, bedside cabinet, stove and water tap.

Nano House

Created to help solve the world’s global housing crisis, Nano Living System Houses are just 25 square-metres yet are designed to fit a family of four. Despite the lack of space, the homes look incredibly modern, are equipped with state-of-the-art insulation, have passive solar heating and the rooms are even convertible to make the most of the small space.

Although most of us are lucky enough to live in a space bigger than the homes mentioned above, many of us still struggle to fit everything in. If you find your house is getting a bit over-crowded, why not have a tidy out, put the things you rarely use into self storage or even invest in some clever space-saving containers?