Beach House Floor Plan – A Panoramic Ocean View

Beach House Floor Plan – A Panoramic Ocean View

Anyone fortunate enough to own beach front property should consider building themselves a beach house for the enjoyment of their family and friends. Beach house floor plans should follow the slope of the lot towards the beach and provide a panoramic view of the ocean. A clever design will exploit lot orientation, topography, gravity, direct light and spectacular views.

One type of floor plan arrangement for a beach house is based on a tri-level design. The lowest level encompasses the garage and utilities, the top level is designated as the integrated guest house with the remaining main level denoting the master and secondary bedrooms. Living and dining areas are also featured on the main level of this beach house floor plan.

The layering of living levels and slope of the land allows for a stair system from which one can enter externally, with the guest unit being independent, or via the traditional internal type staggered system. The external stair system gives the opportunity to add either a secluded terrace or patio on any level. A private footbridge with adjoining patio into the master suite would also be a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the main living area.

In keeping with the maritime feel of the beach house floor plan, interior walls of the main living area should be kept to a minimum and the oceanside end should be lifted high into the air and surrounded by glass to extend the view as much as possible. Many panoramic views are the key to maximizing the advantage of natural light.

Evenings and nights can be cool or even cold on the beach depending on the season. If your budget allows, a fireplace in an outdoor living area can be the perfect solution. Fire against the backdrop of the ocean is a classical allusion and can add to the beauty of your beach house floor plan.