Living In Micro Houses – What’s Hot And What’s Not

Living In Micro Houses – What’s Hot And What’s Not

A micro house is a small house that is designed to be energy-efficient, and is assembled strategically to maximize usable space while minimizing the home’s footprint. The main objective behind the construction of such a house is to provide accommodation, while ensuring that the environment isn’t majorly affected. But these houses also have their fair share of limitations that make it hard to reside in. Let’s look at the pros and cons of living in small houses.

The Positives:

Aids Environment Protection

Unarguably, the biggest appeal that small houses carry for buyers, is that they are environment friendly. For people concerned with environmental degradation, this is the major drawing factor and with good reason. Micro houses not only take up less space but also prevent the uprooting of trees.

Promotes Clutter-Free Living

One unintended benefit that a small house entails, is promoting a clutter-free lifestyle amongst the inhabitants. Since there is a lack of space, the inhabitants have to make tough choices with regard to what they want to keep and what they want to discard. This helps in ensuring that the occupants live a cleaner and more organised life.

Easy On The Pocket

Apart from the perks mentioned above, micro houses are also cheaper compared to your regular houses. For buyers looking for an inexpensive and eco-friendly house, micro houses are gradually becoming the ‘go to’ option.

The Negatives:

Incites Claustrophobia

Living in a crammed space is not everyone’s cup of tea, and residing in a small house could be the catalyst that even triggers claustrophobia. If you are someone who likes to move around and if you prefer open spaces, then a tiny home is not the choice for you.

Ill-Suited For Large Families

While micro houses provide a host of benefits, they have a limited list of prospective buyers that include college students, bachelors, and retired couples. If you have a family with kids, or if you are living with your parents, then micro houses are something that you should steer clear from.

Inapt For People Working From Home

Lately, there has been an increase in the “work from home” culture. But this doesn’t bode well for people living in micro houses, as such houses don’t provide the kind of space and freedom for movement that is required during work.

Micro houses will only become popular as more people realize the importance of protecting the environment. Tiny homes are perfect for inhabitants who live by themselves or with just one other person, and for those who like a cozy but comfortable lifestyle.