Should You Downsize To Tiny House Trailer?

Should You Downsize To Tiny House Trailer?

The statistics about baby boomer retirement savings are pretty alarming. Most people tried to do a good job of saving money for a comfortable retirement, but unforeseen problems arose, so their efforts were not as effective as they hoped. The Great Recession, declining housing values, and an unstable stock market reduced the value of assets. Job losses reduced income at the same time.

But baby boomers are a very resilient generation, and they have countered these problems with some very creative solutions. One solution is to downsize living arrangements. The big house that provided a center of family life might not be needed any longer. In fact, it might even be a burden now. One solution that appeals to the adventurous spirit of may middle aged people is the full-time tiny house trailer lifestyle!

Should You Downsize Into A Full-Time Tiny House Trailer Lifestyle?

People who do adopt this lifestyle says it appeals to them because it is more affordable, flexible, and even fun. They do not have to worry about taking a job in a different city, moving to be near their grown kids, or simply roving around to see the country. This is because people who live in their tiny house trailer can take their house and vehicle with them wherever they go.

Baby boomers own more tiny house trailer than any other generation.
People from this generation are also the fastest growing segment of new or used tiny house trailer owners.
A typical tiny house trailer owner stays in their vehicle about 1 month out of every 12 months, but the number of full-timers is growing each year.
Does Living In A Tiny House Trailer Save Money?

Even though full-time tiny house trailer living saves money over living in most traditional types of homes, there will be expenses to account for. If you plan to stay in tiny house trailer parks, it is helpful to compare costs. While some are very reasonable, others are expensive. It is usually cheaper to stay long enough to take advantage of a monthly rate than a daily rate. Some rental rates include utilities, hook-ups, and amenities, but some may charge for these services separately.

Is The Tiny House Trailer Lifestyle For You?

Living in tiny house trailer is not right for everybody. It requires some adjustment and flexibility. But many people who take to the road never want to go back.