Three ‘Must-Know’ Tips For Those New to Small Bathroom Floor Plans

Three ‘Must-Know’ Tips For Those New to Small Bathroom Floor Plans

The staggering array of small bathroom floor plans is quite a telling tribute to the ubiquity of small spaces. There are scores of homes across the country that are witness to a mad scramble for that solitary tub or shower on a regular basis. So what do homeowners do? They just make a beeline for the most accomplished contractor or home improvement store in the area and choose a plan that suites their preference and their purse.

But things are not as simple as they seem. For ignoramuses like me, these floor plans may seem as complicated as a narrative. There’s no dearth of homeowners that lampoon the peculiarities of these plans. But not everything about them is designed to bounce off a layman’s consciousness. With a fair bit of knowledge and oodles of creativity, your vision of a small but stunning bathroom can become a reality.

Four Tips That You Cannot Afford To Gloss Over

When you embark on the ambitious plan of designing your own bathroom, make sure you follow these tips thus ensuring the blueprint for success:

You could either choose from a cauldron of finely crafted blueprints, or decide to draw one on your own. Either way, you must ensure that all the dimensions are pitched perfectly. All aspects like the doors, windows, bathtub, sink, toilet, shower and lighting must be considered earnestly.
It’s just not the efficient utilization of space that rules the roost. Let comfort and aesthetics form an inherent part of the planning process as well. Of course, you cannot treat the cost issues flippantly.
Since the lack of space is the bane of a small bathroom, one must invest time in the selection of fittings and fixtures of the optimum size. Here again, one needs to strike the right balance between utilization of space and unrestrained luxury. Don’t fret if that whirlpool tub washes away your long-cherished dream of an antique vanity or the shower nibbles at the space meant for that luxurious bathtub.
The Internet is teeming with online catalogs that attenuate all your space-related concerns. So whether it is the positioning of the bathtub or the cabinets, help is at hand.
Just hope you experience the same kind of exhilaration that’s such an inextricable part of the designing process.