Tiny House Building Design

Tiny House Building Design

There’s a trick to building small. You don’t just shrink everything down. Naturally, you’ll have to eliminate some things you may be used to enjoying. But, for the most part, it’s about giving up the things that just aren’t that important to you any longer.

Yet, you should consider resale value. Can you make the home tiny and still desirable to a wide audience of buyers if the time comes to sell?

Question: How do I maximize my benefits while still building a tiny house?


Tiny house design means … well, you’re going to be building a tiny home! But, it doesn’t have to feel small. I think that is a big part of this question. How do you make a tiny house feel big or at least comfortable and efficient?

Tiny house require better design. It’s not going to happen by accident. Clever, experienced architects and home designers can make the most of every inch of the home. There are probably hundreds of ways to make a tiny home more usable, comfortable, and efficient.

Here are some ideas for the design of a tiny house:

Have at least one room extend from one exterior wall to another.
Reduce or eliminate hallways
Have plenty of windows to bring in light and offer views
Add space or “volume” in the home with higher ceilings
Create shared rooms or multi-purpose rooms
Keep the interior open and flowing
Create easily accessed attic storage
As you can see, these are all ways to add the feeling or appearance of space, or to maximize the use of space.