Tiny House Plans – Feel Bigger With Inside Out Living

Tiny House Plans – Feel Bigger With Inside Out Living

Don’t sacrifice lifestyle. The growing popularity of tiny house living has economy and eco-friendliness at its core. And those are mighty good reasons for most! But, at what cost?

Tiny house designs should have the inhabitants’ best interests at heart. Living in a home that is restrictive and uncomfortable … and doesn’t meet your needs, is a mistake that you will live with for a long time. The tiny house plan, the more critical becomes the design and the more creative you need to be.

A Tiny House Design That Turns You Inside Out

Here is one tip that can work wonders for most any tiny house. Add a screened in porch or sunroom. This strategy has been around for eons but is often forgotten. It can be a less expensive way to not only make the home seem bigger but enhance your lifestyle by bringing the great outdoors in and the inside of your home, out.

You’re looking for style, comfort and openness that, when the weather is good, allows you to blur the home’s boundaries and expand your living. As a strategy for new construction, it buys you “bigger” for less money and as a remodel it can be a liberating “inside out” experience.

How to Achieve the Best Results

Here are a few things to consider when creating your sun room or screened in porch:

Access your exterior living space through double French Doors.
Consider making the floor of your “room” a deck or patio where it is legal and safe to do so.
Try to create as much shade as possible with the construction and location of the room.
Avoid heating and air conditioning but use fans and windows to create as much circulation as possible.
Use plants and indoor/outdoor furnishings to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living.
With creativity, you can achieve a completely different feel without compromising your desire to live frugally and consciously. Create something that you can enjoy and doesn’t become a struggle.