Tiny Kitchen Design Ideas

Tiny Kitchen Design Ideas

Size matters when you want to cram lots of functionality into a tiny kitchen! Do you want to create more working space from your tiny kitchen? Do you want more counter-top space, more storage space, more space to eat, space for the pet?

Unfortunately, the size of your kitchen is fixed – the walls are solid and you cannot create more space unless you extend the room physically. Many kitchen spaces, whether large or small, are designed for looks as opposed to functionality and it takes a skilled designer to incorporate both aspects to create a beautiful and workable area.

We have collated some tiny kitchen design ideas from our website to provide some helpful hints and tips on how to make a mountain out of a mole hill!

Appliances: A washing machine and a dryer (if you have both) take up around 600mm per appliance. That’s 1200mm for both. Can they go elsewhere? Can the dryer go on top of the washing machine? Can they go in the bathroom? Or, invest in a dual purpose washer/dryer.

Kitchen Cabinets: You can choose wall cabinets that are taller (around 900mm) than a standard size cabinet. This maximises the use of wall space for storage. Some people place items on top of the wall cabinets which have the same affect however, this can make the kitchen look cluttered.

Clutter: Look inside your existing cupboards and discover what is there. Is there “internal clutter”? You may find most of the clutter in the hard to get at areas of cabinets – especially the corner cupboards that only have one entry door. Also, look at the top shelves of the highest cupboards; are there items that have never been used? Or, worse still, are there food items that have passed their “use by” dates. This thought process and activity of throwing out unused items often upsets some people. If you need some moral support, get a friend or relative to help you. Have a “De-Clutter Party.”

Counter-top Space: Look at everything currently standing on your counter-top and ask yourself, “Does it need to be there?” Can the item be stored in a cupboard (above or below)? Does it have to be in the kitchen? If it is an appliance, such as a microwave, can it be built-in? Can you add shelves to lift the items off the counter-top to give you more working space?

Try to look at your existing kitchen with new eyes and you may be surprised to see things that had not occurred to you before.